High Pressure Cleaning

There is nothing better for your home than a good exterior house wash! For Pressure Cleaning Sydney homes at reasonable rates, call us. Once your driveway, walls, roof and other surfaces have been pressure washed, they will look spic and span. It can be very satisfying to watch a Gerni blast away dirt and stains to reveal sparkling clean surfaces.  Call us for a free quotation. We pressure wash in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs, Inner West & North Shore areas. We also perform commercial High Pressure Cleaning.

Pressure Cleaning Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Technician Pressure Cleaning Driveway in Bondi

What are some common names for High Pressure Cleaning?

  • Water-Blasting
  • Pressure Washing
  • Hydro-Cleaning
  • Gerni

In Australia, Gerni and Karcher are the most popular and well known Pressure Cleaners. If you hear someone say: “I Gerni-ed my driveway”, you will know what they mean!

How does High Pressure Cleaning work?

It’s simple really. The petrol or electric powered motor, drives the compressor which draws in air. The air is compressed and forced into the mix with water from the hose at your tap. This increase in pressure causes the water to flow at a terrific rate. High pressure and velocity water shoots out of the narrowed nozzle. The water exerts much force on the surfaces it encounters. The water dislodges dirt, grime, mold, lichen, paint, pollution staining or whatever other unwanted material is covering the surface.

During operation, the Technician, holds the water jet gun and varies the pressure using the either the trigger or a dial or switch on the machine itself. A gauge will tell the operator the current water flow rate and pressure.

Detergent when added to the water, can heighten the ability to dislodge foreign particles. It helps break the chemical bonds of grease. Left behind is a fresh surface. Sounds easy? Well, the key is in the method. It is easy to apply too much water pressure and damage surfaces. A Professional Operator with experience knows how much pressure to apply and what to do if things don’t go as planned!

What Kind of Surfaces for Water Blasting?

Our Sydney House Washing Service includes Walls, Walkway, Patio & Paver Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning, Roof and Gutter Cleaning, , Driveway Cleaning, Fences, Pool Areas, Wooden Decking, Brick Cleaning Sydney and so on.

  • House Washing, Brick, Concrete, Driveway and Pressure Cleaning of any Exterior Surface

Home Renovation with High Pressure Cleaning

After a pressure clean, often people decide that their walls do not need repainting after all. This can save tens of thousands of dollars. Your roof can also be pressure cleaned to remove, moss, lichen, bird poo, hardened dirt, and many types of staining. Once cleaned, your roof may look excellent and not need any more work. The same holds for other surfaces.

Can I Use a Gerni Myself?

You might see a small Karcher Pressure Cleaner at Bunnings Warehouse and say: “Can’t I do it myself?” Well yes and no. Water-blasting machines may cost thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain. They are dangerous to use. For a minor job yes you could use a small cheap Pressure Cleaner from Karcher or Gerni. But to do it properly you want a machine with sufficient Capacity. This is measured in PSI or BAR. Another unit of measurement is the flow rate of water. The flow rate is measured in L/min or litres per minute. The pump, motor capacity is measure in horse-power, HP or kilowatts, KW. You will also want a skilled Professional with the know how to operate the machine. Additionally, some surfaces such as porous stonework will need sealing afterwards.

What kind of Machine do I need?

Different High Pressure Cleaning Machines work better for different surfaces, see our page on Pressure Cleaners for more information. Most commonly used is a 2000 psi machine, however 4000 psi may be needed for more intense water-blasting. Higher pressures such as 10000 psi are not used for residential work and are extremely dangerous. Water jet spray at this pressure will cause serious injury and will tear flesh from bone.

Most of the time you will look back and think to yourself, “Why didn’t I Pressure Clean my home sooner?” The results speak for themselves. And one major plus is that the results last. It will often take years for the surfaces to get really dirty again. Clean it once and it will likely last a year, oftentimes longer!

Sydney Pressure Cleaning Prices

Normally we charge by the square meter. Our prices are generally below average and we offer discounts if you combine with our other services such as window cleaning. It is usually best that we arrange for a free quotation.

Sydney Pressure Cleaning

Before and After Pressure Cleaning

Sydney Service Areas

We are based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, but we perform High Pressure Cleaning for most of the Metropolitan Area. Our work is primarily in the Inner West, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs. We mostly do residential properties and low-level commercial projects.

The results are often remarkable. The question is: “Would you like to turn back the clock on your property? Would you like to make it look near new? Would you like to have a pleasant, clean, fresh and new looking home?” How about potentially adding tens of thousands to its value? Then arrange for a free quotation from us for Pressure Cleaning in Sydney. We are only too happy to help you.

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