Post Construction Builders Cleaning

Get Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

SWC Sydney Window Cleaning is the go-to choice for post construction cleans in Sydney. We use the best quality products, experienced professionals and provide cost effective services to our clients.

Features section:

Quality You Can Count On

We use the latest water fed pole and technology for the best results. Our professionals have years of experience and expertise in window cleaning, ensuring you get the best service possible.

From Sparkling to Shimmering

We make sure your windows look sparkling and shimmering after our services. We take pride in providing a quality clean that will keep your windows looking great all year round.

Happy Customers Every Time

Our friendly yet professional approach combined with our attention to detail ensures that all customers are happy with the results they get from us. Our focus on integrity and customer satisfaction makes us a go-to choice for many clients who repeatedly come back to us time and time again.

Cost Effective Cleaning Solutions

We understand that cost is a major factor when it comes to window cleaning services, which is why we offer our services at competitive prices with discounts for repeated clients. Plus, our easy booking system makes it easy for you to get your windows cleaned quickly

Sydney’s Best Builders Cleaners!

Needing a Construction Clean? You may be excited that your new home is nearing completion! You may have just finished major renovations. Then you will need a Post Construction Window Clean to remove all the paint, cement render, dirt and other nasties from your new Glass, so it can look perfect!

Construction Cleaning in Sydney
Glass cleaned via scaffolding – successfully done by our professional window cleaners after a residential build in Sydney

Post-Construction Window Cleaning

The post construction clean is the most important clean that your windows will ever need. Our team has experience in all kinds of post construction window cleaning for both commercial, residential and strata properties and we can remove even the toughest markings. We help to get your new windows looking new -as they should! We have experience working with Builders and owners across Sydney in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West & Lower North Shore.

After-Build or Post-Construction Window Cleaning is also referred to as a ‘Builders Clean’ or as an ‘Initial Clean’.

Reasons to hire Professional Window Cleaners for cleaning glass after a building project.

  • Windows have unique debris on them that would not normally be found during the usual operation of a building during its life cycle. eg. paint, render, cement, silicon, glue and various other special residues.
  • House Cleaners although great at cleaning other surfaces do not usually have the expertise or tools for a specialised glass clean after a build.
  • Cleaners may do just one large scratch and a piece of glass can be ruined and glass is expensive!
  • Your home is your castle, and you want the best result!
before clean glass
Before – Render and dirt sprayed on glass
after glass cleaned
After – Sparkling glass thoroughly cleaned

Why hire SWC Sydney Window Cleaning for a Construction Clean?

  • Our job is cleaning windows. We have come across thousands of different window cleaning jobs over the years and know how best to tackle each type of window.
  • We use top of the range official window cleaning equipment for scraping off debris. Brands such as Ettore, Sorbo and Wagtail.
  • Our technique is spot on. We take no short cuts.
  • If needed, use professional grade scrapers that have minimal scratch risk when used properly. But often we use special pads and hand techniques that get residues off without using a blade!
  • Our methods change depending on the type of glass – there is no one size fits all.
  • We know how to properly treat modern glass types including Viridian Comfort Plus varieties.
  • The only contractors that will do your job is us at SWC. We do not hire cheap laborers or other cleaners to pre-clean the glass.
  • Our window cleaners know what scratches glass and what does not.
  • We have worked on large expensive glass projects with much success.
  • Some of the companies we have done jobs for include BELLEVARDE Constructions – builders of special top-end homes. Buildline – commercial building projects. And Create Construction – a quality residential building company in Sydney. We do many private home residential builders cleans on behalf of owners too. So please call and we can help you!
Construction Window Cleaning Tool
Professional Window Cleaning Scraper

When finishing a renovation or build is important to hire professional window cleaners with specific experience in builders cleans. No shortcuts should be taken because once the glass is scratched, it is very difficult and expensive to remove the scratches or replace the glass. All too often, workers on site may inadvertently scratch the glass when trying to remove paint, render or other residues if they do not have the know-how.  Post-construction window cleaning needs to be done carefully and thoroughly. It is the most important glass clean that you will ever do. Regular cleans are usually much easier and quicker afterwards.

dirty window
clean window

Tips for Protecting Your Glass

  • leave the glass installation till as late as possible in the process.
  • the glass should retain its protective plastic coatings till the construction is finished
  • if there is no plastic cover then find a way to shield the glass
  • make sure care is taken by the glazier when installing the glass
  • care taken by tradesmen and other workers when working around the glass so as not to spray it with debris, bump it or cause other damage

If you follow these tips then your glass is in the best state when it comes time for the clean. When your post-construction window cleaning has been finished they will look brand new and contribute to your property look its sparkling best! For advice and recommendations or an onsite quotation: