Skylight Cleaning


Skylights are a feature that can really brighten up your home. Letting in natural light is one of the best ways to connect your home to the outside. Like any window though, skylights are in need of cleaning and maintenance. In addition to standard glass and window cleaning, we offer a skylight cleaning service in Sydney.

Skylight Cleaning

Why is it important to get your skylights cleaned regularly?

Skylights are normally positioned in a flat plane in line with the roof surface. This places them in a line of direct exposure to the sun, rain and any falling debris. Over time, the harsh weathering causes the glass to deteriorate if not regularly maintained. Bird poo, dirt and other debris left on the glass for long periods of time may cause staining in the glass that is hard to remove. Also water staining and runoff from the roof or walls may similarly leave hard water of other marks behind. On the inside surface of the skylight, we often find mould spores. These are bad for your health and need to be cleaned of safely and regularly. We recommend once or twice year to get your roof windows or skylights cleaned.

Window Cleaning Method

How do we clean your roof skylights?

Skylights and glass awnings or atriums are usually made from toughened glass so they can cop a bit of a beating. Still we normally use regular window cleaning methods with a few twists. We use a coarse but scratch proof pads to scrub them down hard. If this is not adequate, we can make an assessment and use a professional window cleaning blade that will safely shave of the debris or mineral residues from the surface. Sometimes chemicals to soften or dissolve the residues may be needed. We even have a couple of our own secret tricks that we use for a fine result.

Access to roof is done with safety in mind and precautions are taken.

Roof Glass Cleaning

What kinds of roof windows do we clean?

We can clean basically any glass on your property regardless of where it is positioned. The roof glass also includes various awnings and conservatorium glass.

Normally skylight cleaning is an add on service to standard window cleaning at your property. If you specifically would like your skylights cleaned then please mention this to us. You will be surprised at what a difference it will make to the appearance of your property. Phone us for more information or to make a booking.

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