Commercial Window Cleaning

Why get your windows cleaned regularly?

Professionalism. No Business can afford to give an unprofessional image to their customers. Don’t get left behind the pack. Give an image worthy of your customers business.

Regular Commercial Window Cleaning is the best way to create positive customer perception. If your glass is dirty, it will be the first thing they notice. Better to have sparkling, shiny windows and clean well-presented premises that will attract patrons.

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      • Commercial Window Cleaning

        Our Window Cleaner using pure water pole technology to clean high glass at Sydney Harbour

        Commercial Office Buildings and Hotels

        If you have a large commercial building that needs cleaning there are several ways to do this. The ground level glass is typically done by a window cleaner using mop and squeegee. If there is a need for high access solutions please see our page on high rise window cleaning to see your options. SWC Sydney Window Cleaning offers solutions up to five-stories in height.

        Frequency will depend on the positioning of the building. Proximity to busy roads or sea air will need more regular cleans.

        Commercial Window Cleaners Sydney

        Our team of Commercial Window Cleaners working on a major office refurbishment in Alexandria

        Retail shopfronts and shopping centers

        Most of the time, commercial shop and storefront window cleaning is done on a weekly basis. If there is a constant flow of shoppers and pedestrian traffic then they will leave handprints and grease marks on the glass. If it is by a road then there is a grimy build-up that will occur.

        The regularity of shopfront cleaning keeps costs down. The more often that you arrange to get your glass cleaned, the cheaper we can do it. Please see our page on window cleaning prices for more information.

        Showrooms and car yards

        Many car yards are located close to main roads. Thus there is a buildup of grime on the glass from road pollution. Generally, there are far fewer handprints as compared to regular shop fronts. Car showrooms we recommend a fortnightly or monthly window clean.

        Restaurants and food outlets

        Would you eat at a restaurant where the doors and windows are dirty? If they are covered in dirt, grease and smothered by handprints? Unlikely, unless you were desperate, then you might risk it! Given a choice though you would eat at a place that looks well kept. This makes sense. If they neglect the glass that passersby and patrons can see, then you can imagine what the standard of cleanliness is like where people can’t see!  Professionally cleaned windows speak volumes about the kind of business that you represent.

        Customers will often judge a food establishment by their perception of its cleanliness. It is the restaurant glass that a patron will first notice. If it is covered in grease or handprints then this will detract. Pristine, sparkling windows will give the impression of cleanliness and good hygiene standards. Restaurants will normally have the glass cleaned weekly. Sometimes twice weekly is recommended.

        Universities, Schools, and other educational facilities

        Typically a regular cleaner can do basic maintenance glass cleaning around doors and entrance ways. Otherwise, they are cleaned by a professional window cleaner. We use the same methods as for commercial office buildings.

        Enlisting a Commercial Window Cleaning Service will enable you to long-term reduce costs of glass maintenance. It will improve customer perception of your business. These will result in greater profitability. If you would like to hire a commercial window cleaner then please contact us. We would be happy to provide a quotation or give you some advice as to your best options.

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