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Sydney Window Cleaning are renowned window cleaners that provide a professional residential and commercial window cleaning service in Sydney. Our experienced window cleaners lead the industry in excellent customer service and reliability. No job too big or small. We really are the one size fits all window cleaning company. We Service the North Shore, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

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10 Reasons To Use Sydney Window Cleaning

Cleaning WindowWe Care: Our staff will arrive on time, and will communicate with you clearly to ensure that nothing is lost in translation. We are only a small company so we are happy to adapt to you. As a family owned and operated company, we will show respect to both you and your property, and can guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the finished service.



Window CleaningAttention To Detail: We will not leave any drips, streaks or scratches. We will clean every bird deposit, we won’t knock over your pot plant, and we will pat your dog. Basically we will show the same respect to your property that we do to ours. Window Cleaning with precision and care. 



Sydney Window CleaningWe Are Locals: We live in the CBD and Eastern Suburbs, so we know the local conditions. We will not get stuck in the traffic. And will be there as soon as the rain stops, and we are always just a phone call away. We are local window cleaners in your community. Trusted by residents in the Sydney area. 




Water Fed Pole Window CleaningThe Best Equipment: If your windows are high up or hard to reach this is not a problem. Using our carbon-fibre extension poles, we have been safely cleaning windows up to five stories from ground level. We use pure water technology which cleans the glass well and leaves it glimmering. Whether residential or low-rise commercial, this is the easiest, safest and most effective way to clean your high glass.



Window Cleaning Sydney Eastern SuburbThe Best Standard Of Cleaning: We use proven methods that not only make sure that your windows are gleaming today, but ensure that they will stay clean longer. We use plastic tipped squeegees so there are no scratches. We proudly use environmentally friendly cleaning solution, that not only does not harm the environment, but does not degrade your seals and screens like some of the solutions that our competitors use.


Competitive Prices: We offer rates that our competitors can not because we do not have the big overheads that our competitors do. We have the same standard of insurance, and use the best tools in the trade, but we do not make you pay for our advertising and company cars. Above standard cleaning with below standard prices.




Fully Insured: As a professional window cleaning outfit, we have all the necessary insurances. Its important to be careful and so we take all the precautions. We rarely use two story ladders but prefer to use our purified water fed pole system to do the work! Its so much easier, quicker and safer. Our carbon fibre poles reach up to five stories for the most efficient cleaning method.




Solar Panel CleaningOther Services: Would you like a few other things done for your property? Our experience is in external property maintenance. Solar Panel cleaning can we can do with our purified pole system. Our long reach brush and poles are the tool of choice for Cobweb removal. And we offer an expert High Pressure Cleaning Service. We can clean all surfaces of your property to bring it up to top condition!



Window Cleaning Prices

Free Quotes: We can usually provide a quick price guide over the phone for your convenience. A brief description from you will usually suffice. Also we like to use Google Maps or which can help us to be more precise. If we don’t have enough information then we can arrange to drop by at a time that suits you! We service the Sydney Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and Inner West.



Eastern Suburbs Window CleaningRegular Reminder Service: Not to worry! We will call periodically to check if you want them done. Or we can just schedule it in automatically! We recommend a regular clean so as to keep your glass in top condition. We can assess your property and give you a recommendation that suits your needs.




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