SWC Sydney Window Cleaning

SWC Sydney Window Cleaning

A small team of top-notch window cleaners - residential & strata
Residential Window Cleaning in Sydney
Shimmering Glass That Lasts SWC Sydney Window Cleaning is the leading window cleaning service in Sydney, specialising in residential and strata window cleaning. Our experienced team of professionals use the latest water fed pole and...
Strata Window Cleaning in Sydney
Best Sydney Window Cleaning Service When it comes to maintaining the appearance of a building, clean windows play a crucial role. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal, but they also allow natural light...
Commercial Window Cleaning in Sydney
Quality You Can Trust Our highly skilled tradesmen and technicians use a combination of the latest water fed pole technology and intelligent techniques to ensure that you get the highest quality window cleaning service possible....

The #1 Choice For Window Cleaning in Sydney

Make your windows sparkle with SWC Sydney Window Cleaning!

We specialize in residential and strata window cleaning services in Sydney, providing the best quality, professional and experienced window cleaning experience.

SWC Sydney Window Cleaning – We have been providing a first-class residential, strata & commercial window cleaning service since 2012. Our window cleaners use special equipment and have the expertise for even your toughest windows. You can have confidence that your home or business will look sparkling fresh once we are finished. Are you are seeking a service that is both reliable and of high quality? Well, then we invite you to give us a call!

SWC Sydney Window Cleaning

Say Goodbye To Dirty Windows!

Why Give SWC Sydney Window Cleaning A Go?

We Care: As a small team of four window cleaners, we take a conscientious and personal approach to every job. We will communicate with you clearly and answer any questions that you may have. As a family-owned and operated business, we will show respect to both you and your property and are happy to adapt to your needs.

Attention to Detail: We will not leave any drips, streaks, or scratches. Our proven methods make sure that your windows are gleaming today and ensure that they will stay clean for longer.

The Best Equipment: If your windows are high up or hard to reach this is not a problem. Our special water-fed extension poles can clean safely from the ground. We use de-ionized water in our poles which cleans better and leaves the glass glimmering. (see below)

Competitive Prices: We do no advertising, it’s all just word of mouth and our long-standing web presence. Thus our overheads are very low. For regularly scheduled services, we can offer further discounts. We can try and price match too.

Professional: We have cleaned many thousands of windows so will be able to get yours looking just right no matter how bad they may appear. Our small team is known for their integrity and friendly and can make it a pleasant experience for you.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Window Cleaner

Get professional, experienced and friendly window cleaners to make your windows sparkle, glisten and shine like never before!

  • Crystal clear glass – free of streaks, smears or smudges.
  • Saves you time – many painstaking hours (or days).
  • Keeps you safe – no ladders or awkward climbing.
  • Window lifespan extension – prevent accumulated dust and dirt from etching your glass over time.
  • Beautiful home/office – clean glass makes any place feel fresh and pleasant to be in.

How Do We Clean Your Windows?

Window Cleaner Sydney

Pure Water Window Cleaning

The water from your tap runs through our de-ionization tank which removes all the minerals and impurities. What comes out is pure water. This is an excellent cleaning agent and it dries clear – free of any white spots. It is also used to rinse down the glass after scrubbing is finished. This leaves a streak-free finish. Used with an extension pole system this is the method for cleaning high glass. Your windows will shimmer and glisten once the pure water has dried.

  • Mike and his team always do a great job. I have no problem recommending their services.

    Simon Henry Avatar
    Simon Henry
  • Michael from SWC has a high attention to detail. Our windows looked like brand new after he was finished. No water marks, cloudiness on edges gone and spot marks scrubbed away! Perfect! Even the fly screens were cleaned. Thank you SWC, will use again.

    Megan and Remon Jabour Avatar
    Megan and Remon Jabour
  • "Excellent workmanship and professionalism. Would definitely use Sydney Window Clean again and recommend to my friends."

  • Michael is not only professional in terms of quality of his work but also I found him to be extremely honest and reliable. I highly recommend Michael as he will go above and beyond your expectations!

    timothy sung Avatar
    timothy sung
  • Sydney window cleaning were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They were punctual, easy to communicate with and did the most fantastic job. Our windows have never looked better and we have a complicated job with windows of all descriptions - louvres, sliding doors, sky lights - you name it. I would look no further than Sydney Window Cleaning! Well done and thank you so much

    DANI MILNER Avatar
  • Very impressed with the service and standard of Sydney Window Cleaning. My windows have never looked better. Michael did a brilliant job, and I highly recommend this company and will be using them again.

    Vicki Da Costa Avatar
    Vicki Da Costa
  • My windows never looked so good! Thanks for the prompt, professional and friendly service.

    Gayle Cowey Avatar
    Gayle Cowey
  • Fantastic service. Very friendly and efficient. Were able to reach all my tricky windows. So glad I got them in. Recommending to all my friends. Will use again.

    Fiona McDonald Avatar
    Fiona McDonald

How Do We Provide a Quotation?

It’s simple really. We can use Google Maps and realestate.com.au . These are great tools that save time and enable us to get you a price right away. If there is not enough information then you can SMS a few pictures which should do the trick. Normally this is enough information to give you an estimate of the price. Of course, we can always visit on-site if needed.

Our team is well-trusted, friendly, and provides great results. So far we have ten years of experience in all types of glass cleaning. If you seek DIY guidance, then we can steer you in the right direction too. For the best window cleaning in Sydney that will give you sparkling clean glass – we invite you to give us a call!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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