High Rise Window Cleaning in Sydney

What are my options for High-Rise Window Cleaning?

  1. Water Pole Technology
  2. EWP – Elevated Work Platform
  3. Abseiling/ Rope Access
  4. BMU – Building Maintenance Units

High-rise window cleaning requires professionals that understand the risks involved when working at heights. It is challenging, so experience and attention to safety is a must.

  • SWC Sydney Window Cleaning uses the first two methods to clean high-rise windows in the Sydney CBD and suburban areas.
  • The height of building determines the method used. Please see our descriptions below.

1. Water Fed Pole Technology

Are you doing high-rise window cleaning up to five stories? A water-fed pole system is your best choice. This is the most efficient and cost-effective method. Many window cleaners have been making the switch to the water-fed pole systems for cleaning high glass.

High Rise Window Cleaning

What are the Advantages of using a Water-fed Pole System?

  1. Easy access to high windows.
  2. Safer for staff, fewer safety measures required and PPE.
  3. Setup is far quicker than EWP, abseiling or scaffolding.
  4. Easy washing of window frames as a bonus.
  5. Much cheaper.

How do Pole Systems work?

A water-fed pole system uses pure water to clean windows which negates the need to use expensive and environmentally hazardous cleaning solutions. The system converts normal tap water into pure water by a mobile de-ionisation and water filtration unit. The pure water is then fed by hoses up the pole and exits the brush head. This water is used along with the brush to thoroughly scrub down and rinse the window. (see below)

High Rise Window Cleaning Sydney

The pure water cleans all of the debris and environmental deposits from the windows. Because the water is pure, when it is rinsed from the window there are no streaking or water spots left. This process saves a lot of time that window cleaners normally use for drying windows with a squeegee using traditional cleaning techniques.

What is De-ionised Pure Water?

Basically, it is water that has had all the minerals removed. Calcium, Chloride and all the various trace minerals normally found in tap water are removed. The result is 100% pure water. It is the impurities in regular water that leave the white marks behind if you were to hose down your glass with regular tap water.

First, the water goes into a regular cartridge which acts as a pre-filter. Then it goes into the tank. The tank is a pressure vessel and contains a sand-like resin. It is this resin that absorbs the minerals from the water. For a 12L tank as the picture above, you can expect 20-30hrs of run time before the resin needs changing.

How hard is it to Use a Pole System?

Yes, it does require some strength and balance but is not as hard as you may think. The poles are made from lightweight carbon-fibre. This allows maximum stiffness and strength whilst keeping the weight down. A five-story pole typically weighs four kilograms.

Of course, once extended, the moment arm increases weight exponentially. But once the technician becomes accustomed to handling the pole, they can counterbalance the weight effectively.

The Biggest Advantage of High Rise Window Cleaning using a Pole

Basically, windows that previously could not be cleaned, can now be easily accessed. This saves staff the danger of working at heights. Many businesses spend a lot of money on safe roof access and hoisting equipment. By saving on occupational health and safety equipment the cost of a water-fed pole system is often the most cost-effective solution for cheap window cleaning.

High-Rise Window Cleaners often run into problems when they have to clean windows above garden beds or car parking. Access by hoist is often difficult, and if anchor points are not installed on the roof then it really gets tricky. By using a water fed pole system window cleaners can easily access windows above sensitive ground such as above cars and garden beds.

What are the disadvantages?

The major issue is mobility. The system requires a water filtration and de-ionising unit, as well as the hoses and water-fed-pole itself. Therefore for the average window cleaner that does store-front window cleaning in the Sydney CBD, there is not point in putting forth a large financial outlay for a water-fed pole system.


At the very least a van is needed to house and transport the system. Obviously, a water-fed system is ideal for established window cleaning companies that service multi-level commercial and strata properties. For window cleaners that do shop-fronts and single story residential properties, a traditional solution applicator and squeegee would still be the most effective method.

2. Elevated Lift Platform EWP Access

Does your glass need some hand on detailing you may need an EWP. Especially if it is a builder clean of the glass. If you have a medium sized building that requires intricate work then you are best served by an EWP. The platform gives us hands-on access to each section for finesse work. We can stay there for long periods of time too.


There are three main lifts, these are the Boom Lift, Scissor Lift, and Spider Platform lift. We do not carry lift systems on hand but have a preferred supplier when the need arises. We can perform high rise window cleaning in Sydney using an elevated work platform.

3. Abseiling Rope Access Window Cleaning

The window cleaner must safely navigate down the side of a building. Safety requirements mean that there must always be two window cleaners working in tandem. We occasionally offer Abseiling window cleaning but use outside contractors when the need arises. They are of course Irata Height Access Training Systems certified and fully insured.

4. BMU Building Maintenance Unit Platform Window Cleaning

Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) window cleaning. Traditionally, it is a safe and effective method for regular glass maintenance of very high buildings. BMU system requires regular checks and extensive maintenance and are only operable in ideal weather conditions. At present, we do not offer BMU window cleaning services.

Five Stories or Less? SWC Sydney Window Cleaning is a smart choice!

Call us and we can better explain how the water fed pole system works. It really is the best solution for all your High-rise window cleaning needs.

If you would like some advice or have any questions, do not hesitate to call.