Frequently Asked Questions

What areas in Sydney Do We Service?

Our Property Maintenance Services for Window, Gutter and Pressure Cleaning cover the North Shore, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Will my window tint be affected?

Tinted windows especially in newer homes are There is no risk of damage to tinted windows as long as the proper cleaning techniques are used. The only risk of damage to the tint is if a cleaning solution that includes ammonia is used. If ammonia is used it can cause degradation to the tinting film which will result in purpling and weakening of the film. All professional window cleaners use ammonia free cleaning solution to ensure the cleanest and least risk in their service.

Will my double glazed windows be affected?

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass with a sealed space between them. Only the interior and exterior of the window needs to be cleaned. The space in between the panes does not need to be cleaned. If there is dust or grim in the space between the panes then the seal in the window must have degraded, and needs resealing.

What is a water-fed tuckerpole?

Also known as waterfed cleaning technology. A tuckerpole is equipment used to reach, wash and clean windows, that normally would not be accessible. This technique is ideal for high rise windows up to 25 meters.

What is pure water window cleaning?

Pure water window cleaning is a modern technique used to clean windows. Water is filtered to remove the impurities, minerals and chemicals. The windows are then cleaned without chemicals. The windows are then given a final rinse with purified water. As the water is purified it leaves no residue, and therefore does not need to be squeegeed.

What is rope access window cleaning?

Rope access window cleaning is also known as abseiling window cleaning. This is a technique that is used by select window cleaning companies to clean high rise windows. Much training is needed to perform this highly skillful work.

What is the difference between traditional window cleaning and water-fed pole window cleaning?

Window cleaners are increasingly finding that they are having to improve both their business structure and cleaning techniques, in order to ensure that their businesses are sustainable. One decision that business owners need to make is whether to stick with traditional cleaning techniques, or invest sizeable capital into a pure water cleaning system. Business owners can make this decision easier by analysing the specific niche that they work in, and the potential for growth in their local area. If there are only single level houses and commercial buildings in a specific area there is no benefit to obtaining a water fed pole system. If on the other hand there are properties in the region that would be cleaned easier by using a pole system, and competitors are still using traditional techniques, then there would be a market, and a business could significantly improve profit.

Top 10 Window Cleaning Myths

1) It is cheaper to do it myself.

2) Window cleaners will damage my windows.

3) No one notices when windows are dirty.

4) Some windows can just not be cleaned.

5) Any window cleaner can clean window.

6) Every window cleaner is the same.

7) Cleaning windows damages the environment.

8) Windows cleaners leave a mess when they are finished.

9) Windex and a cloth cleans windows.

10) Vinegar and newspaper cleans windows. Vinegar and newspaper should only be used for fish and chips.

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