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Window cleaning is an essential part of keeping a home or office looking its best. It can be difficult to clean windows on high buildings, or in hard to reach areas. Fortunately, there are various window cleaning methods available that make this job easier and more efficient. From Sydney window cleaning with a water fed pole system, to deionized tanks and high access pole systems for hard-to-reach glass, there are many ways to keep windows sparkling clean.

To make it easier for those who need window cleaning services in Sydney, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about window cleaning. This will help anyone looking for information on water fed pole systems, deionized tank systems, and other high access pole systems used for hard to reach glass. In this article we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about window cleaning techniques and products. We hope this information helps you find the best window cleaning solution for your needs.

The Frequently Asked Questions

What is a water-fed pole?

Also known as water-fed cleaning technology. The equipment used to reach, wash and clean windows, that normally would not be accessible. This technique is ideal for high rise windows up to 25 meters.

What is pure water window cleaning?

Pure water window cleaning is a modern technique used to clean windows. The Water is filtered to remove the impurities, minerals, and chemicals. The windows are then cleaned without chemicals. The windows are then given a final rinse with purified water. As the water is purified it leaves no residue and therefore does not need to be squeegeed.

12litre Deionising Tank and Filter
12litre Deionising Tank and Filter

What is the difference between traditional window cleaning and water-fed pole window cleaning?

Window cleaners are increasingly finding that they are having to improve both their business structure and cleaning techniques, in order to ensure that their businesses are sustainable. One decision that business owners need to make is whether to stick with traditional cleaning techniques or invest sizeable capital into a pure water cleaning system. Business owners can make this decision easier by analysing the specific niche that they work in, and the potential for growth in their local area.

If there are only single level houses and commercial buildings in a specific area there is no benefit to obtaining a water fed pole system. If on the other hand there are properties in the region that would be cleaned easier by using a pole system, and competitors are still using traditional techniques, then there would be a market, and a business could significantly improve profit.

What is rope access window cleaning?

Rope access window cleaning is also known as abseiling window cleaning. This is a technique that is used by select window cleaning companies to clean high rise windows. Much training is needed to perform this highly skillful work.

What is Comfort Plus Glass?

It is a modern type of glass manufactured to reduce thermal conductivity. The Viridian Comfort Plus Low-E coating allows light through whilst reducing heat transmission. The glass is very effective at regulating temperature. It can also reduce air-conditioning costs significantly. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to clean. Only experienced window cleaners with the know-how should attempt the clean.

Viridian Comfort Plus
Thermally efficient Comfort Plus

Will my window tint be affected?

Tinted windows especially in newer homes are There is no risk of damage to tinted windows as long as the proper cleaning techniques are used. The only risk of damage to the tint is if a cleaning solution that includes ammonia is used. If ammonia is used it can cause degradation to the tinting film which will result in purpling and weakening of the film. All professional window cleaners use ammonia-free cleaning solution to ensure the cleanest and least risk in their service.

Will my double glazed windows be affected?

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass with a sealed space between them. Only the interior and exterior of the window needs to be cleaned. The space in between the panes does not need to be cleaned. If there is dust or grim in the space between the panes then the seal in the window must have degraded and needs resealing.

What if it Rains and the Weather is Bad?

Window Cleaning is one of those jobs that unfortunately is affected by the weather. If it is stormy or high winds we will need to reschedule. Medium rain will also need rescheduling. If there is very light intermittent rain then we may or may not go ahead. Normally we will check with you and see what you want to do. Most of the time the householder will reschedule even if the rain is very light.

Will Rain ruin the windows that I just had cleaned?

It depends, but often no. Of course, all your internal windows will stay thoroughly cleaned and fresh. For your outside glass, it will depend on how they are situated. If they are under veranda or eaves then often this will provide sufficient shelter for your window. Many homes will only have a quarter to half of their outside glass negatively affected by the rain.

If your glass is exposed to the rain, it won’t undo all the good that was achieved by getting them cleaned. Remember much mechanical force and friction was applied to the glass when scrubbing it down. This means that the window was thoroughly cleaned. If a bit of rain gets on and dries with a bit of dust, worst case scenario it still won’t be as bad as it was before the clean.

If a water-fed pole was used (see above) then in the process of cleaning the window, the pole brush would scrub and clean and rinse all the surrounding frames. The advantage of this is that as the rain comes in contact with the frames, rather than picking up all the impurities and carrying it onto the glass, the frames are clean and it won’t run onto the glass.

Rain itself is pure water and so as long as it doesn’t pick up dirt, dust, and other impurities and settle onto the glass then the glass should remain clean. You can see the advantage of using the deionised water and water fed pole combination for cleaning your outside glass.

How often should I get my windows cleaned?

Well, that is entirely a personal question. Everyone has a different standard when it comes to how clean they would like to maintain their windows.

Residential: Some houses by virtue of how they are oriented and the placement and type of window can stay clean for much longer. Of course, if you have pets or young children then they may get dirty much quicker! The same goes if you are a social person who is always having guest over.

Commercial: For business owners, it will depend on the type of business. If you are a restaurant owner then it is imperative to get them done as often as is needed as people will associate the cleanliness of the premises to the level of hygiene out the back in the kitchen.

For shopfronts, they can be done whenever there is a buildup of greasy hand-prints. Weekly is the norm. For offices, and factories and a host of other premises then it really varies. If it is by a busy road or by the ocean then, of course, the windows will dirty up much quicker. The same goes for any business with a large amount of pedestrian traffic and thoroughfare. It is up to you as the business owner as to what your personal threshold is for having dirty glass. How important is it to you? Then just wait and measure the time interval. Most window cleaners are flexible and will come to fit your particular needs.

How do I become a Window Cleaner?

Are you sure that you want to embark on this endeavour? There are no formal schools or training institutions in Australia that offer a course on window cleaning or certificates. So the best way to start is to get in contact with a window cleaning company and ask to be taken on as a trainee. In the meantime, you can watch a host of instructional youtube videos on window cleaning. Various how-to guides can give you a huge head start so that you are not walking in blind. Of course, you can always practice on your own place!

You don’t want to go all out on equipment just yet but definitely invest in the basics. A quality squeegee such as Ettore, Sorbo, Wagtail, Moerman or Unger. These are the top brands at the moment. Likewise, you can choose from these brands an appropriate applicator/washer and scraping tool. As far as poles go, Gardiner makes a great handheld pole for manual pole work. For water-fed pole systems you will need a deionising tank (see above) Hose reel, brush head, and TDS meter, Carbon Fibre extension pole and hoses. It is quite a collection of equipment!

If the company will let you use their equipment then this may be the best option, at least at the beginning. Whilst working with them you will come across thousands of different windows. Each time you clean a window you will build up a memory of how it was done. Over time these patterns will become automatic and you will just intuitively know how best to clean any window that you come across. So you now want to start your own business? That is another story.

Top Window Cleaning Myths

  • It is cheaper to do it myself.
    • Not necessarily. It may take you 3-4 times as long and no-offense but the job will not be of the same standard. You may lose this is potential earning time from your job.
  • Window cleaners will damage my windows
    • No, we are professionals and use all the latest tools and window cleaning equipment. Your glass will be treated well.
  • No one notices when windows are dirty
    • Eventually, the windows will get so dirty that even someone with poor eyesight will notice. If you are a business, then customers will see it as unprofessional.
  • There are windows can just not be cleaned.
    • Most windows can be cleaned to an as-new condition. All windows can be improved. Some may not be perfect but will look much much better.
  • Any window cleaner can clean window.
    • No, like any profession there are varying levels of skill and experience. Some window cleaners will really struggle. Others have a natural aptitude for manual work and dexterity.
  • Windows cleaners leave a mess when they are finished.
    • Of course, some water will drip here and there. We won’t catch every drop. But once we have finished a window, we will be sure to wipe down the floor around us.
  • Windex and a cloth can clean a window.
    • Scissors will also mow your front lawn. Same principle. Yes, small areas can be improved upon but no it will not be effective for cleaning your whole house or business streak and smudge free.
  • Vinegar and newspaper can clean windows.
    • Vinegar and newspaper should only be used for fish and chips.