Glass Scratch Removal

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Just one unsightly scratch can ruin the most splendid piece of glass. Hard water staining, scuff and scratch marks lead many to think that the glass will need replacement. But you need not panic, the chances are your scratched glass can be repaired to an as new condition! It is far cheaper and quicker than replacing your glass is to have any scratch marks professionally removed.

Glass Scratch Repair

Glass Scratch Removal in Sydney

At Sydney Window Cleaning Co. we offer a comprehensive window cleaning and glass restoration service. Our techniques can remove hard water staining and scratches without compromising the look or integrity of your glass.

Types of Glass

  • Windows
  • Balustrading Glass
  • Glass awnings
  • Skylights
  • Glass display cabinets
  • Shower screens

Why perform glass scratch removal? Isn’t replacement better?

Replacing glass can be very expensive. A glass installer must substitute each piece of old glass new. The installer may also have to replace surrounding structures such as woodwork, plaster, brickwork, tiling or flooring. Of course, if the window can be repaired without removal then will keep costs down significantly. The advantage of glass scratch repair is that it can be done on site without removing the pane.

How is scratched glass repaired?

The process has several steps:

  1. The technician machines the scratched area with a relatively coarse grade pad to remove the majority of the damage.
  2. They then re-machine the glass each time doing so with progressively finer pads covering a wider area each time. This is to ensure that the surface is as flat and uniform as possible, blending in the machined area with the surrounding glass.
  3. Next, they buff and polish the glass to a fine finish until indistinguishable from the untouched glass.
  4. Finally the technician checks how the glass reflects light to ensure there is no noticeable distortion.

What materials and Glass scratch repair tools are used?

  • A vairable speed electric drill, angle grinder or specialised polishing machine. Usually hand-held and battery powered for convenience.
  • A variety of sanding pads ranging from 80 grit up to 7000 grit. A softer buffing pad to finish.
  • Cesium Oxide as a polishing compound or equivalent.
  • Dust mask such as P2 grade mask to protect against silica dust inhalation. And earmuffs and safety goggles of course.

What kind of scratches can be removed?

A technician can nearly always remove shallow, light scratches. However deeper scratches may need a lot more work to get them out. If the glass is very thin or aged then it may be better to replace the pane.

Glass thickness is a major factor. Thicker glass can withstand more of the repair process. Our technicians will be able to remove even deep scratches if the glass is thick enough. If there is any doubt, they may use a digital optical micrometer to measure the deepest scratches. The technician will then consider the ratio of scratch depth to glass thickness and determine if the glass scratch can be repaired.

Types of Glass that can be repaired

Newer glass such as Viridian ComfortPlus e-glass is more difficult to repair. Viridian VLam and other laminated types present similar challenges. The technician will not be able to apply the machine to the laminated glass surface. On the non-laminated glass side there will be no problem in removing the scratch. Standard clear float is the easiest to repair.

Hard Water Stain Removal

If dirty water that contains various impurities or is rich in calcium or other minerals stays on your glass it can leave staining. There is nothing more unsightly than having your glass covered in thick hard water staining. We can remove any hard water stains using our special compound and a multi-stage buffing process. Using a variety of pads and our machine we can buff out any stains in your new or old glass so you need not fret.

Why use Sydney Window Cleaning? Why not another company?

As a specialist glass cleaning and maintenance company we can steer you in the right direction. We offer both a residential and commercial service. We believe in a minimalist approach and so we always try and find the easiest solution to keep your costs down. Normally we will come out to inspect the glass and provide a quotation and recommendations.

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