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Would you agree that cleaning windows is one of the most frustrating of all household jobs? At SWC Sydney Window Cleaning, we agree! Rest assured, this article is full of great window cleaning tips so that you too can become a DIY do it yourself window cleaner!

We won’t be discussing the old vinegar and newspaper method, or window cleaning with methylated spirits, but we’ll stick with the right methods as used by professional window cleaners the world over.

Tips Window Cleaning How to Clean
On the job with one of the boys! But does he demonstrate the best way to clean windows? You may be surprised to learn the answer!

What is the Best Window Cleaning Solution?

Answer: 1. Water & Detergent

  • The water can be warm or cold it does not make much of a difference.
  • The detergent is the same as the household variety that is used to clean your kitchen dishes.
  • When combined with water it forms a soapy solution that is perfect to remove the most common contaminants found on dirty windows such as environmental dirt, dust, and grease from handprints.
  • Forget about all the fancy additives you may have heard of such as vinegar, methylated spirits and newpaper. It’s all useless. In fact, it may make your glass look even worse! Most professional window cleaners use little more than water and a good detergent.
  • There are a variety of brands, and we are not sponsored by any particular brand but we use Earth Choice Environmentally friendly version or Morning Fresh.

Window Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Window Cleaning Tips Bucket
Window Cleaner Bucket

1. Bucket to hold the solution

The bucket does not really matter, but if you want a proper window cleaners bucket then purchase one that is long enough to fully immersed the squeegee and washing pad.

2. Washer/ Applicator

The squeegee should have a new rubber with sharp edges and no nicks or other damage. For basic household window cleaning you could try a size ranging from 12 to 18 inches. We have found that the most popular brands among the professionals are Sorbo and Wagtail but for the occasional household clean you don’t need the high end gear.

3. Squeegee

The washer or applicator could be of a similar size. We use Ettore brand applicators as they hold water well but they are not cheap so if your not cleaning that often then a generic model should do.

4. Rags

Rags should ideally be lint free for edging but any rag can be used for wiping up excess water from the window sills. You can’t go wrong with microfibre rags.

5. Scraper (optional)

The Scraper is used for solid debris. (We won’t discuss this here but please see our page on Post-Construction Builders Clean for more information).

How Do You Scrub the Glass?

Always keep in mind that it is that the washing pad/applicator that cleans the glass. The better and more thoroughly you scrub the glass, the easier it is to use the rubber squeegee afterward and the better the result!

Window Cleaning Tips Washer
Ettore Brand Window Washer

Prepare the window washer/applicator by dipping it into the bucket of water so that it is thoroughly immersed, allowing excess water to drip back into the bucket.

Now run two or three lines of detergent from one end to the other

Using your fingers, work the detergent into the washer until thoroughly dispersed.

Scrub the glass thoroughly. covering all sections. But pay special attention to those areas that my be worse such as the door handles.

How is the Window Squeegee used?

The squeegee is used to collect and remove the excess dirty water once the window has been cleaned by the washer. You are basically guiding all the water away from the surface of the glass without letting any escape back to where it has already been removed.

Window Cleaning Tips Squeegee
Ettore Style Metal Squeegee

So, using the rag, pre-wipe the top edge of the glass to a width of about 1-2 centimetres from one edge right across to the other edge.

Place the squeegee right at the top of the now dry top edge with the rubber at a 45-degree angle.

Pull down right to the bottom edge of the glass applying consistent light-moderate pressure throughout the motion and maintaining the 45-degree angle.

Wipe off excess water from the squeegee rubber using a rag and repeat for remaining sections of the pane until complete. Make sure the squeegee overlaps onto the dry section by about 5cm (too much overlap and the rubber may grip the glass making it hard to pull down, too little and some water may run to the side leaving a vertical streak mark.)

Once you have finished removing the excess with the squeegee grab the lint-free cloth and wipe the side and bottom edges or the glass.

Use a rag to wipe any drips from the surrounding window frame or from off the ground.

Window Cleaning Tips – Conclusion

There you have it, hopefully, by sharing these window cleaning tips, we have set you on the right track and you now know how to clean windows in your own home! For a beginner, the above methods and techniques are fairly easy to implement. Still, the above is just a simple “how to guide“. Mastering all areas of window cleaning will take a while. And some windows will still need a professional to get the job done quickly, safely and to a high standard. We have years of experience in cleaning Sydney’s most challenging windows.

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