Bondi Window Cleaning

Are your windows covered in salt-spray? Are the seals around your windows slowly degrading, and rust forming on the metallic objects? Then welcome to Bondi Beach.

Bondi beach

Yes it is one of the worlds most iconic beaches, but here is a fact that is less known. Bondi is a murderer. A brutal mass murderer of windows.

The salt spray whipped up by the afternoon sea breezes has caused many a car in the Eastern Suburbs of suburbs to rust up, and windows have not fared well either. The grimy buildup on Bondi windows is a mix of sea spray and pollution, and more than likely it is killing your view. Have you tried cleaning it off, and it does not seem to budge. Well Sydney Window Cleaning have the answer. We have proven methods for cleaning windows in Bondi, that not make them shine, but protects them in the future. Sydney-Window-Cleaning only uses local window cleaners, so we know the local conditions and how to deal with them. If you are getting your apartment cleaned for an inspection, or your Bondi Beach mansion ready for a function, Sydney Window Cleaning will get your windows shinning brighter than ever.

Not only does window cleaning get your window looking clean, but it also prevents them form degrading. Unsightly degradation can start at a molecular level in windows that have a salt-spray buildup on them. By having your windows regularly cleaned you will save costly window repair in the future, and we will also clean the seals and frames, so that rust does not develop. Sydney-Window-Cleaning offer the highest standard Bondi window cleaning service. Call today on 0413 164 375.

We offer an Eastern Suburbs Window Cleaning Service not only to Bondi Beach but also to surrounding suburbs including, Rose Bay, Bondi Junction, North Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte, Waverly, Queens Park, Centennial Park, Clovelly and Coogee. We live locally so are usually able to help you at short notice. Please call today us for the best window cleaning service in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney!

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