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What is the difference? Residential vs Commercial Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning presents a different set of challenges as compared to commercial window washing. If you are a home owner seeking a quality service then it is imperative that the window cleaners you select have experience in the domestic arena.

How often are the windows cleaned?

  • Householders generally do not get their windows cleaned as regularly as shops or businesses. These may have a weekly service organised whereas residents may only get their windows cleaned once or twice a year. The start of summer is a typical busy season.
Window Cleaners in Sydney

Residential Window Cleaning

  • A window that is not cleaned regularly gathers contaminants. Dust, dirt, grime, moss, mould, bird poo, grease are some examples. When this happens, a quick swipe with the squeegee and applicator is not enough. Far more scrubbing is required. The window cleaners must often scrub the glass hard with the mop. Sometimes a bristled mop is used or a white scrubbing pad. This takes far more effort and elbow grease.

Skill is required

  • Residential jobs often require great dexterity and skill from the window cleaners. A handheld extension pole in combination with squeegee and applicator is sometimes the only way. The window cleaner must reach around corners or up at heights and work at difficult angles. Scrubbing down the window may not be too hard but to use a squeegee and leave a streak free finish may be very difficult. To the observer the window cleaner makes it look easy of course! But it may take years to gain the judgement of how best to clean such windows not to mention the technique involved.
  • Most window cleaners find find shop-front, shopping centre or low-rise office building glass easy to clean. This is because the panes are generally quite large and easily accessible. On the other hand, apartment buildings and houses have far more intricacy. Homes have a tremendous variety of shapes and sizes of the installed glass. Additionally, the arrangements and positioning can make some windows very hard to reach. Imagine a triangular offset glass pane that is set 50cm deep into the wall. It stands at a height of two stories and has obstructions such as fences and trees. It will present a real challenge, but is just one example. With the increase of modern architecturally designed homes, it is becoming very common to encounter houses with windows that are fiendishly difficult to clean.

Cleaning high level windows

  • A water-fed pole system can be used for high, hard to reach exterior windows. Although requiring far less technique than the old-school method of applicator and squeegee, it has its own challenges. Operating a five story high pole requires great balance and a measure of muscular strength. requent breaks must be taken as muscular fatigue sets in. This allows the lactic acid to leave the muscles and also gives the neck a rest from looking upwards all day. The pole method has made both commercial and residential window cleaning up to five or six stories far more practical and cost-effective as compared to the traditional abseiling method. Also, the majority of residential jobs do not have adequate anchor points for rope access technicians. The pole system is a life-saver for domestic window cleaning professionals.

Is trusting your window cleaners important?

  • Another interesting side point is that domestic window washing involves a measure of trust. For commercial jobs there are usually people present or security. Domestically, the householder usually leaves the contractor at home to work freely in all rooms of the house. Thus it is important that the householder is able to trust the worker. Oftentimes this is why residents tend to stick to the one service provider for many years and often request that the same worker come back each time.

Why Sydney Window Cleaning?

At Sydney Window Cleaning we have 5 years experience in residential window cleaning in the Sydney Area. We have encountered every kind of problem you could expect to face and can find the solution. We service the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney also the lower north shore and the inner west. Normally we are able to provide a price guide over the phone for residential jobs. Call us to make a booking:

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