Pressure Cleaners

One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your property is to have it Pressure Cleaned. Over time, your exterior walls, pavers, patio, driveway, roof, gutters and other surfaces become stained. See our page on High Pressure Cleaning Sydney for more information on the service we provide.

Do I enlist a Professional Pressure Washing Service with experience and know-how? Or if I do it myself, then what kind of Pressure Cleaners should I hire or purchase? Where in Sydney do I get one?

Can I get my own Pressure Cleaner?

You most certainly can! But first it is important to have a basic understanding of the technical aspects. Then you can make a wise decision whether to buy a machine or not.

So what do we mean by Pressure?

  • Pressure is force applied (perpendicular to the surface)per unit area
  • Pressure = Force/Area
  • P = F/A

It is commonly measured in SI Units in Pascals (Pa) which is equal to one Newton per square meter. 1 N/m2.  Or It can be measured in Pounds Per Square Inch.

Pressure Cleaning Specifications

  • Pressure: measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)
  • Flow Rate of Water: measured in Litres per minute (L/min)
  • Cleaning Units: Water Pressure X Water Flow Rate (CU)

Cleaning Units are the most important measurement. It is important to know because it tells you how effectively a machine will clean the surface. You simply multiply the water pressure in PSI by the flow rate in L/min.

Karcher and Gerni Pressure Cleaners

These are the two most popular brands in Australia. Most householders will opt for a Karcher. They are easily recognisable by their typical yellow plastic casing. These can be purchased from any Bunnings Warehouse in Sydney or most hardware retailers.

Entry Level Pressure Washer

The Karcher K 2.100 retails for about $95 and is a basic entry level model. 1600 PSI and a flow rate of 5.5 L/min. Cleaning Unit measurement of about 9000.

Karcher Pressure CleanerThis is far too weak to successfully clean any of your home surfaces. It is best used for cleaning your car, bicycle or outdoor furniture. The advantage is that it uses 80% less water than your garden hose whilst exerting much greater pressure than a garden hose, thus it has its place in general cleaning applications.

Professional Grade Pressure Cleaning Machine

The Karcher G 3050 retails for about $1000 and is an entry level professional model. 3000 PSI and a flow rate of 9.5 L/min. Cleaning Unit measurement of nearly 30000.

Karcher Pressure Cleaner ProfessionalThe water pressure it exerts is 60 times that of a garden hose. At this level of pressure, it is normally enough for household pressure cleaning requirements. A Professional Grade machine from Karcher will Pressure Clean most surfaces, a Gerni with equivalent specifications will do just as well.

Do I need a Pressure Washing Technician?

If you choose to purchase your own machine, it is important to know what you are doing. Hiring a skilled technician will alleviate much of the mystery. Simply plugging it in and blasting away may work but it could be damaging your surfaces. Or it may take a very long time. Sealing may be required, or chemicals added. Certain regions may be difficult to access. There are a host of other factors to consider. You may well be best to consult a Professional Pressure Cleaner in Sydney.

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