Glass Cleaning

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At Sydney Window Cleaning, we enjoy all types of glass. We have experience in cleaning all types of glass that you may find in virtually any window frame. Some glass cleaning is very challenging due to its type, size and positioning. We have worked on properties ranging from modest homes to some of the largest and most complex properties in Sydney. A flexible service is what we provide to you, one that caters to your needs.

Restoring Damaged Glass

But, you may think that the glass in your windows are old, stained and need replacement. Whilst there may be hard water staining, mineralisation and deterioration, this may not be the end of the story. Fortunately, we also offer a glass scratch repair service. Oftentimes we are able to reverse or remove mineral staining to bring up old windows to their former state. This is far cheaper and easier than glass replacement costs. Ask us about this specialty service, you may be surprised to see what we can do!

Modern Architecture and the Challenge of Cleaning Glass

With advances in glass materials and building techniques, some brilliant and unique architectural designs have been brought to life in the form of some fascinating houses. But in practice, such designs present many challenges when it comes to regular property maintenance. Glass cleaning is at the top of that list. You might say “my windows are too high or hard to reach”, “I have shutters and French windows”, or “what about that eco glass with the funny tint?” It’s normal to throw your hands up in the air in despair. Yes, it’s true, there is so much variation in not only glass type, but also shape, positioning, surrounding structures and accessibility. We encounter all types of glass from hydrophobic glass to hydrophilic glass. The methods used may vary depending whether the water sticks to the surface or not. The good news is that virtually any type of window cleaning request can be fulfilled. The solutions are there and most of all, we love solving these kinds of problems for you!

Window Cleaning in Heavy Foliage Areas

We normally use a bristled applicator pad or special white pads which provides extra scrubbing power. Close in strength to your typical kitchen scourer but the difference being that the pads we use are rate scratch proof. Never use the green kitchen scourer. These pad along with some muscle will remove stubborn marks such as bird droppings, sap and hardened dirt. This presents a further challenge. In some areas, many homes are heavily covered by thick foliage. The wind may blow dust, dirt, sap and other particles from trees onto your windows. Fortunately we are able to remove thick solidified material from your glass safely. Generally we use a white scratch-proof scrubbing pad, sometimes in conjunction with a bristled applicator pad. Combined with a bit of elbow grease, these pads ensure that the toughest markings will come off without damaging your glass. Sometimes we may pre clean your glass surfaces using a pressure cleaner and then follow up with the standard window cleaning method.

Glass Cleaning Windows Exposed to Sea Air

We use Pure Water Pole technology which enables us to reach high glass effectively at a fraction of the cost compared to using elevated work platforms or other means. When window cleaning Sydney Harbour facing properties, being exposed to the sea air, we find that this method works especially well, often producing sensational results. See our page on high rise window cleaning for more information on pure water window cleaning for seaside homes.


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CALL NOW: 0413 164 375